Wednesday, April 23, 2014

RIC events!

First event:

On March 28th, I attended an on campus event called the Duck Hunt! It was an event hosted by the RAs that took place at night. There were about 500 ducks scattered around all the dorm halls and we were to find three ducks per person. All the ducks had a number on the bottom that corresponded to a prize. There were prizes ranging from an iPad mini to just goodie bags with candy. The ducks shown above are the ducks I found during the Duck Hunt.

Second Event:

On April 4th, I attended my sorority friends' event. They belong to Delta Phi Epsilon and their event was "Deepher Dude." This event was an on- campus event. During this event a one fraternity from RIC as well as the RIC soccer team put on a mini male pageant and went through different categories such as talents, swimsuits, and the question round. At the end the judges picked the overall winner, either the RIC fraternity or the RIC soccer team. All of the proceeds raised from the tickets went to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Third Event:

This event was taken place in my hall, Browne Hall. It was an RA event and it was a movie night for all the residents in Browne Hall! It was a Channing Tatum themed event where we watched 21 Jump Street which starred Channing Tatum and there were also tater tots for a snack. The tater tots were used used as a play on words on Channing Tatum's last name, hence the name "Tater-Totum event." 

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