Friday, January 31, 2014


    These two photos show how perspective changes the way I see myself.  In the first photo, it portrays the "bird'd eye view" perspective where the photo is taken from above.  The second photo is shot from a straight on perspective, or a normal eye view.  Using different perspectives can display different opinions and assumptions when one looks at the photos.  

     In the first photo, a bird'd eye view, it doesn't show my face so one may assume I might look bored due to my posture and resting my head on my hand or I may look attentive and working hard due to the computer in front of me.  This was an interesting point of view because I've never actually seen what I look like from this angle.  I chose to keep this photo in color due to the fact that there are many more details, such as the the computer, keyboard, and folders, that by changing everything to black and white would take away from the photo.  Keeping the photo in color allows the specific details and objects to stand out more rather than having a black and white contrast where everything essentially blends it together.

     The second photo is a straight on normal eye view of myself.  In this photo you can see my whole body and can actually see my face as well as the expression on my face whereas the first photo one can't tell what I'm feeling due to my face being hidden.  I look a bit shy in this photo due to me facing the other way, but my body language brings out a bit of mystery as if I'm waiting for something or someone.  By leaning against the wall with my arms resting behind my back and looking the other way also brings a sense of waiting and anticipation as well.  I changed the photo to black and white because I thought it would go along with the mood of mystery and shyness present in the photo.

      These photos are completely different perspectives and various assumptions can be made based on looking at emotions, details, and color.  Using perspectives can help display a story and show a different side of someone that one has never really seen before.  Being creative by using colors or black and white can help the perspective stand out and can usually change the entire mood of the photo.  Being creative while choosing different perspectives is also a good way to express one's way of thinking as well.

Test Photo!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Olympia Prompt

        In class, we observed an old painting by Edouard Manet named Olympia.  In this painting, a nude woman is laying down on what appears as a bed or couch as her servant is delivering her a bouquet of flowers.  The idea of rich and superiority versus poor and inferiority seems to be present in this painting through the use of shading and colors, details, and use of facial expressions.  Using these ideas helps to support the argument that when in power one can forget and ignore the equality of all people and deem themselves as more important.
        In the painting, a nude woman is laying down, yet still has an upright posture.  She has a light pink flower in her hair as a cute accessory as well as a bracelet and ribbon necklace.  Her servant, who's face is not very visible and seems to blend into the background, is delivering the woman a bouquet of flowers.  On the bed with the nude woman is also a black cat that is alert and attentive.  In the background, there are dark green velvet drapes hanging in the room which contrast with the bright colors associated with the nude woman.  All of these details seem to point out the wealth of this woman.  Having a servant shows a sign of being wealthy and since this nude woman is being delivered flowers it's also a sign of admiration and prominence.  The velvet drapes also show a sense of prominence because it seems to go along with the time period and the ones who were wealthy during this time seem to favor velvet either in their homes or clothing.
         These details do help one notice the wealth of the nude woman.  The contrast of colors also helps to support this idea as well.  In the background, the colors are very dark which is a different scene from the colors associated to the nude woman such as the white sheets and the light yellow blanket.  This contrast is used to focus primarily on the nude woman and that she is the center of attention to show the viewer her superiority.  While focusing on the bright colors and the nude woman, one barely notices the servant because her dark skin seems to fade into the dark background.  This contrast separates the poor from the wealthy, where the bright colors represent wealth and superiority while the dark background represents the poor and inferiority.
         Facial expressions are also very symbolic in this painting.  The nude woman is looking out at the audience, but she is not really looking at you but above you. This shows that whoever she is looking at is irrelevant and she is far more important.  The facial expression on the servant seems to be quite nervous as if she is bit scared of the nude woman and may even be a bit intimidated by her.  Her nervousness shows a sense of weakness and inferiority from the servant.
          Observing certain details, facial expressions, and color contrast helps immensely when analyzing any piece of art or photography.  In this situation it did help guide one to make assumptions and opinions with the meaning behind this painting. Wealth versus poverty seems to be a main trend in this photo where the nude women seems to be of wealth with the aid of a servant.  With this servant, the nude woman pays no attention to her as she delivers the flowers to the nude woman's bedside.  Her facial expressions supports the idea that she is wealthy and cocky because she ignores her servant and her eyes are looking above her audience deeming them irrelevant to her superiority.  These points help to support my argument that wealth can make one forget and ignore the equality of all people and consider themselves more important.
Edouard Manet, Olympia (1863)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Assignment 1

In Class Blog Spot

I participate with online photography by using social media such as Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and sometimes Twitter. I mostly use Instagram and Tumblr when it comes to sharing online photography because that is the main purpose for these sites. I enjoy using Instagram because you are able to follow your friends and share pictures of food, events, or just posting photos of you and your friends. On Instagram you are also able to use a filter which adds a cool effect to your picture. On Tumblr, it's basically a site where people share different photos about any topic such as celebrities, food, and even fashion. On Tumblr, you also have your own photo blog that consists of your reblogged photos that pertain to your interests. Being able to express yourself and share photos with your friends and family would definitely be some benefits of online photography. There are some downfalls though, Some people may not know where do draw the line with sharing photos online and end up posting something inappropriate or embarrassing pertaining to someone or something. Overall, online photography is a good way to share photos when used responsibly.