Friday, January 31, 2014


    These two photos show how perspective changes the way I see myself.  In the first photo, it portrays the "bird'd eye view" perspective where the photo is taken from above.  The second photo is shot from a straight on perspective, or a normal eye view.  Using different perspectives can display different opinions and assumptions when one looks at the photos.  

     In the first photo, a bird'd eye view, it doesn't show my face so one may assume I might look bored due to my posture and resting my head on my hand or I may look attentive and working hard due to the computer in front of me.  This was an interesting point of view because I've never actually seen what I look like from this angle.  I chose to keep this photo in color due to the fact that there are many more details, such as the the computer, keyboard, and folders, that by changing everything to black and white would take away from the photo.  Keeping the photo in color allows the specific details and objects to stand out more rather than having a black and white contrast where everything essentially blends it together.

     The second photo is a straight on normal eye view of myself.  In this photo you can see my whole body and can actually see my face as well as the expression on my face whereas the first photo one can't tell what I'm feeling due to my face being hidden.  I look a bit shy in this photo due to me facing the other way, but my body language brings out a bit of mystery as if I'm waiting for something or someone.  By leaning against the wall with my arms resting behind my back and looking the other way also brings a sense of waiting and anticipation as well.  I changed the photo to black and white because I thought it would go along with the mood of mystery and shyness present in the photo.

      These photos are completely different perspectives and various assumptions can be made based on looking at emotions, details, and color.  Using perspectives can help display a story and show a different side of someone that one has never really seen before.  Being creative by using colors or black and white can help the perspective stand out and can usually change the entire mood of the photo.  Being creative while choosing different perspectives is also a good way to express one's way of thinking as well.


  1. Great pictures. Great details and colors. The color brings your pictures to life.

  2. I like the picture to the right because the gray scale colors just brings the photo to life. The shadowy silhouette of your body posture on the wall gives the picture an extra kick and makes it look cool and artsy.

  3. This blog provides a lot of scaffolding for the reader to understand the point of your writing (exploring perspectives). This is especially true in the beginning of the blog where you explain the two photos and perspectives from which they were shot. The details you provided to back up some of your thinking also helped me the reader follow your thinking -- e.g. when you write, "In the first may assume I might look bored." You then describe details in the photo that help the reader understand what you mean, that you might look bored, "due to my posture and resting my head on my hand or I may look attentive and working hard due to the computer in front of me."

  4. p.s. So interesting that you played with black and white in the second photo! I agree that this color shift helped set a particular mood.