Sunday, April 6, 2014

Reaction to Born into Brothels

1. In the beginning credits of the film, we can see images of the children's eyes looking down on images of the red light district. What themes do these images reflect? What does it tell the viewer about the children?
     By the children's eyes looking down it shows a negative view on what's going on, which would be prostitution. It shows they are scared for their future and what might happen to them if they end up like their parents. It shows the viewer that the children are aware of what's going on around them in their environment and are nervous because they know they have a pretty good chance of becoming involved in prostitution in some way. They see the bad around them and by their eyes looking down shows that they also may be a bit ashamed of what their family has become involved in.

4. List the various challenges that the children faced in their lives. Which issue do you think represented the biggest challenge for them?
     Some of the challenges that the children faced in their lives were poverty and education. These children lived in an environment where it was filthy and they had to live like this everyday. There were dishes not cleaned on the floor with clothes and shoes sitting next to these dishes as well. These children also had to work everyday from morning until night to help support their family in some way. A 10 year old child should not have to be put a situation with such a big weight on their shoulders, such as supporting their family. They also can't get an education because it seems that work is put at a higher importance and schools also don't want these children because they being exposed to prostitution.
      I think the biggest challenge for these children is what will be their future look like? I highly doubt these children will ever get to leave the red light district because it seems that their parents will look at their children as a way to make some profit, either in the prostitution ring or in some other illegal way. I do feel bad for these children because they are very smart and are aware of what's going on around them regarding prostitution, alcohol, etc. and they really don't have the resources to be able to get out of the red light district and start a better life. They are basically living in their parents mistakes and can't do anything about it.

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