Sunday, February 9, 2014

Family Time

This photo displays a family reunion.  
     I recently visited my family from Portugal in July.  This photo was taken at my uncle's house, who is standing on the very right.  We were all standing outside, as the sun was setting, on the balcony connected to my uncle's house.  We were just gathered outside on this beautiful evening picking at some food and having something to drink while trying to catch up with each other, since it's been ten years since I've seen them.  We all stood very close together showing our love for each other and showing that nothing has changed between us in the ten years that have passed.  We also have big smiles on our faces showing that we are glad to be in each other's presence after not seeing each other for so long.  
     This balcony is facing my uncles's front yard that consists of vast land, ranches and gardens of flourishing flowers and trees.  Down below the balcony is a dirt driveway with a few cars parked there.  We were facing my cousin who was taking the photo, and was not shown, as well as more gardens and vast areas of land.  Portugal consists of many hills, valleys, and gardens and is just a beautiful sight to see while driving through the countryside.  My uncle also lives in a very small town where it's very quiet and few people live there, with certain areas still not very developed.  We were also facing a playhouse where my little cousins were playing too.  
     This photo is very sentimental and nostalgic to me since I haven't seen my uncle, aunt, and cousins since I was eight years old.  My smile is very big and my face seems to be glowing showing I'm so happy and content to be with them after so long.  There was also more of the table in front of us showing, but I decided to crop as much of the table as I could to focus in on just my family.  I wanted to frame the photo just around us so the viewer can just focus on our expressions and togetherness since the main focus of the photo is a family reunion. I chose to frame the photo this way to also portray the message that time flies so cherish the time you have now with your loved ones.

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